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Monday, January 15, 2007


Herman has competition.

Meet Robert.

Interestingly, both rabbits are bred by old German guy. I wonder if they are in some sort of competition with each other and that's why they always do their darndest to make their rabbits look bigger by shoving them as far into the camera's lens as possible. Robert's superior bulk impressed a North Korean delegation who bought 12 rabbits to start a pilot breeding program back in NK, where it is hoped that the giant rabbits will go some ways towards alleviating the food shortage there.

The logic of this decision seems doubious. Since North Koreans are starving, period, not just starved for meat, how does keeping giant hungry rabbits who can eat up to 2kg of feed a day make sense? Even supposing that the rabbits can be fed food that humans cannot eat such as grass, it still does not make sense to use extremely big rabbits compared to small meat rabbits that probably grow more quickly.