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Monday, June 11, 2007

Things that make me happy

In a comment to a post at Majikthise, Neil Sinhababu quotes a poem, describing it as "a favorite." It's a poem I wrote back in grad school, while I was taking a class whose texts were Word and Object; Fact, Fiction, and Forecast; and Wittgenstein on Rules and Private Language. The nonsense words in the poem come from the first two of those books, and from related articles. I regret being unable to work the nonsense word "quus", from the third book, into the poem.

I'm so happy that I'm the author of one of someone's favorite poems. As a fellow utilitarian, I'm sure Neil will be happy to have increased my hedonic count so easily. And if he is, I'll be happy to have increased his hedonic count. Hurray, hedons for everyone!

Also, Eureka Springs, AR, home of the seven-story Christ of the Ozarks, has announced that it will be issuing certificates of union to gay couples.

The Eureka Springs City Council voted unanimously in May to set up the register, which will be kept in the clerk's office. Couples who are 18 and older and pay a $35 fee will receive a certificate noting their partnership.

"I know there have been a whole lot of people watching and I've gotten tons of e-mails that say they were waiting for this and that they will be planning a trip in as soon as this is implemented," said Mayor Dani Wilson. "Daily, we get calls of people wanting to know, 'Can I sign up now?' "

The scenic village, in far northwestern Arkansas near the Missouri border, has a population of 2,300 but issues more than 4,000 wedding licenses a year. Couples are drawn here for ceremonies at the Fay Jones-designed Thorncrown Chapel, the foot of the Christ of the Ozarks statue, the botanical garden at the Blue Spring Heritage Center or St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church, where guests enter via the bell tower, among other locations.

Hurray for Eureka Springs!