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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Markets in Everything (apologies to Tyler Cowen)

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Can you guess what this is? It's a teeny tiny fridge just for cosmetics! In other marvels of uselessness news, I encountered in my shopping adventures in Taipei...

-- A mousepad printed with the picture of a pretty girl, with her boobs forming the 3-d gel wrist rest.

-- Bamboo charcoal, with supposedly marvelous theraputic values if eaten.

-- A golden retriever themed cafe with two very rumbunctious retrievers racing around an otherwise unremarkable eatery. One of them decided to curl up under our table. You can also bring your own pooch to the party.

-- A Chinese astrologer who will tell you the luckiest date and time to have your baby, so that you can have a c-section accordingly.

It all makes the electrified mosquito racket seem quite essential and quotidian by comparison. I can't vouch for their usefulness, but I did see quite a few of them lying around the house at my Grandma's.