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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ignorant or Mendacious?

As it's Dr. Henry Kissinger, I'd say the smart money is on 'mendacious'.
It is also unwise to apply to China the policy of military containment of the cold war. The Soviet Union was the heir of an imperialist tradition. The Chinese state in its present dimensions has existed substantially for 2,000 years.
America needs to understand that a hectoring tone evokes in China memories of imperialist condescension and is not appropriate in dealing with a country that has managed 4,000 years of uninterrupted self-government.
This is so breathtakingly wrong I don't even know where to began. A hint: all those dynasties did not politely pass batons when they're tired with governing China. For a more thorough takedown, go to the Mutant Frog.

Although I don't entirely disagree with Kissinger's main point, which is that the U.S. should not get its panties in a twist too much about the Chinese military buildup, the way he tried to sell it displayed breathtaking contempt for the intellect of his intended readership.