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Monday, August 22, 2005

Stephen Sailer just blew my mind

(Via Lawyers Guns and Money )

Not only has Stephen Sailer assembled the most jaw-droppingly facile and just plain ridiculous stereotypes about gays and lesbians, he has done so in a handy-dandy table!

Did you know that the distinctive trait of gays is "gay", while the distinctive trait of lesbians is "resentful"? He couldn't even bother to find the proper noun forms of the traits he assigns in such a cavalier fashion. In the same column of his table he informs us that lesbians "seldom serve men" and "dislike working w/men" and, two lines later, that lesbians tend to work "machine-oriented jobs" and have "great interest in military". I wasn't aware that America was chock full of all-women machine shops and that our military boasts female-only battalions.

UPDATE: I see that the article is old (and published in the National Review). It was bought back into the sun because of Assrocket's stamp of approval. Always a sign of quality wingnuttery.