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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Welcome to Amerika

So, everybody knows what "Santorum" has come to mean, right? Well, Santorum (the man, not the substance) was in a Pennsylvania bookshop doing a signing when a woman and her friends tried to get him to sign a copy of Dan Savage's "The Kid" as a joke (for those not in the know, Dan Savage is the sex columnist that popularized the second meaning of "Santorum"). Minutes later, a state trooper turns up in full uniform, hat and gun, and asked them to leave.
“Your business is not wanted here. They don’t want you here anymore. If you don’t leave, you’re going to be arrested. If you can’t post bail, you’ll go to prison. Those of you who are under 18 will go to Ferris [the juvenile detention center]. And those of you over 18 will go either to Gander Hill Prison or the woman’s correctional facility. Any questions?”
Yeah, just one, trooper. Since when did the Land of the Free become the Land where you remain free by assuming the appropriate prostrate position around our Republican overlords at all times?

(Via the Republic of T)