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Thursday, December 15, 2005


It wasn't very long ago when I was making fun of the Chinese for being all regressive and having hymen repair surgeries and artificial hymens to convince their beaus that they're bedding a virgin. But this is just bizarre:
For her 17th wedding anniversay Jeanette Yarborough wanted to do something special for her husband. In addition to planning a hotel getaway for the weekend, Ms. Yarborough paid a surgeon $5,000 to reattach her hymen, making her appear to be a virgin again.

"It's the ultimate gift for the man who has everything," says Ms. Yarborough...

The Chinese surgeries at least "made sense" in terms of catering to the irrational male desire for women with zero sex experience by fooling them into thinking they're bedding virgins. But this woman has been married for years. Ugh!

You think your husband has everything? That's why the good Lord made the Sharper Image catalog. Get him a nose-hair trimmer or something.