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Monday, January 16, 2006

The Blogisphere is not forgetting Cory Maye

The flame is still burning for Cory Maye in the blogisphere, right, left and libertarian. A while ago, I wrote a rather depressing post titled "The Bubblesphere" in which I lamented the way attention on Maye's case peaked then dropped off dramatically. But a later look at Technorati showed that the graph I quoted then was decieving.

Graph of posts mentioning Cory Maye by day as of Dec 21st. The dropoff is dramatic.
Image hosted by
But as this later graph shows, this story has got legs.

As the Agitator turns up more details to the story, people are sticking with it. Better still, new bloggers are coming on board all the time. I would encourage all those who blogged on Cory Maye to keep one of the buttons that Laura made on their sidebar somewhere (you can see mine right below the panda). There aren't new developments every day, and we can't blog this every day, but this is a good way of keeping the attention on the story going.

And to what does all this attention accomplish? First of all, now that we established we all care about this man's fate, maybe we can chip in a few shekels to his legal defense fund. Also, the longer we keep this story alive, the more likely it is to blossom into the kind of national awareness that can put pressure to bear on Haley Barbour, the governor of Mississipi, for a pardon. I know Lawrence has a petition effort in the works...

For my part, I'm going to keep updating the big list. If you're not mentioned, please email me. I go through the technorati listings manually and its very easy to miss people.