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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I've got a couple additions to the ol' blogroll today. First of all, frequent commenter Mark's Doubting to Shuo blog is going into the blogging Asia section. I am also adding the interesting and eclectic Lis Riba to the Blue team.

Oh, and a shoutout to Mike the Mad Biologist, a fairly recent addition. He's been on a roll lately, and I read his recent post on why Alito must be filibustered with pain -- it looks like the senate hearings are as much as the Dems can muster.
How hard would it be for a Democrat to say this:

I support a filibuster because I believe that citizens in a free republic should not have their private affairs decided by a handful of hypocritical preachers and prelates.

I support a filibuster because I believe that there is no divine right of presidents, and that the concentration of power in one person's hands ultimately leads to the death of liberty.

I support a filibuster because I believe the opportunities of America should belong to all, regardless of race or gender, and because justice must demand that the dream which is America includes us all.

I support a filibuster because I believe that governmental power, wielded by and accountable to the people, is a necessary check against corporate power, which does not serve and is not accountable to all the people, but instead accountable to the profit of a few.

Oh, and if a bacteria end up killing us all, chances are you'll read about it first at Mike's.