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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Trying too hard

Don't get me wrong. I'm glad that Paul Hackett is, as Pam put it, opening "a can of whoopass on the right". I especially give him kudos for doing the right thing and standing by Gays and Lesbians in unequivocal terms. However, this following statement made me wince.
"Break into my house, we won’t have to worry about the application of the death penalty. It’s going to be a simple 911 call: Come pick up the body."
Like Lindsay, I can take or leave the gun issue. I would have no problem if Hackett simply said "I believe in the right of home owners to bear arms and defend their home with force or necessary." What raises my hackles is the faux-macho swagger he's playing up by making that statement. It so obviously smacks of politcal branding -- Look! Look! I'm a Democrat, but I'm such a tough guy!.

Well, if this is the way he's gonna go, lets hope it works out better for him than the last guy who tried this.
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