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Friday, July 01, 2005


I've been back in the United States for a few days now, but too wrapped up in helping my boyfriend's parents move out of their family home of 14 years to go near a computer, let alone blog. We had just about the worst weather possible for moving -- brutal humid heat alternating with raging showers for three days straight. A week from now we'd be in North Carolina unpacking everything into their new house. Hopefully that would turn out to be much less stressful.

Gene's parents are leaving behind a beautiful home that they built themselves from the ground up, literally. They picked the post-and-beam frame and raised it, made the floors and the stairs and mantles from the trees on the property itself, and acted as their own general contractors for all the work that they could not do themselves. Jerry is a master woodworker, and Shirley painted and decorated and did everything else that made the house into a home. I find it entirely admirable that they are able to just pick up and go at this stage of their lives, without looking back, because they know a better future lies down south.

Talking about moves, Gene and I have decided to move to London. Yep. That's London, England. We were all set to go to North Carolina along with Shirley and Jerry, but an opportunity came up, and we're at the stage of our lives where, if an opportunity came up, you should grab it.

Wish us all luck.